Sunday, 20 May 2007


My project aims to prove that it is entirely possible to make and release music whilst avoiding any kind of external control or restraint over your work in terms of capital and artistic style. I have endeavoured to use only resources that are available to everyone in the country regardless of income, status or background.
I have created a Computer Music System that is constructed totally from parts that I have gained for free. Some parts I have found on the street, others I have been given by people who don’t need them.
Once the computer was built, I have installed only free, Open Source software on it as the operating system. I used a version of Linux called Ubuntu which is free and comes copyright free so that anyone can use and even edit the source coding.

I have then produced some music on the computer, using speakers and an amplifier that I was given, and uploaded it to the Internet on a website I have made myself. The music is without copyright and can be downloaded by anyone for free.

Although most of my initial reasons for starting this project were to do with democratising and opening up music production to everyone, as the project progressed the issue of the Ecological impact of our consumer society took on a great importance.
Through trying to gain parts for free, I noticed the huge amount of electronic components that are being discarded. This led me to think more about the impact of firstly the construction and then the disposal of computer parts has on the earth.
My recycling of components took on a new significance and added a new dimension to the project.

I hope I have succeeded in presenting an idea that will act to show people and inspire them into making music themselves and to questioning and not necessarily following the established route in releasing music.

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